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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

This quilt I originally created as an experiment in technique. I began by dying a piece of fabric. I then stenciled with glue gel and over-dyed.
I liked the result. I then added some more stenciling and stamping using leaves from my garden.
The stitching was also an experiment. I used Ricky Tims' Razzle Dazzle thread and outlined the words using bobbin work. I then began filling with tiny stippling. I continued working by drawing the flowers with thread and then adding trapunto to the flowers. The background was then densely stitched using a variety of textures. I really like how it turned out and all the techniques that I practiced and will use in future pieces.
The theme "Bloom Where You Are Planted", developed as I was searching for a job. I was facing the possibility of moving cross country away from my family and friends to a place I had never even visited. I did a lot of contemplating about “success”. I concluded that I, like a plant, could grow and be successful anywhere but it would take compassion, understanding and love from those around me to truly flourish. These words are the base of this quilt, reminding us to support those around us so that they too may grow, bloom and flourish into strong individuals.
"Bloom Where You Are Planted"
copyright Karen Mason 2010

The Blues Challenge 2011

Last year Milwaukee Art Quilters challenged its members to create a quilt using the color blue. This was my result. "Blue Bubbles". I pieced this quilt using my freeform piecing technique using hand dyed fabrics.
This quilt was chosen as 1 of 8 to represent the group at the "Ultimate Guild Challenge". Unfortunately our group entry did not win any ribbons, but it was an honor for my quilt to be selected and travel to a national quilt show.

"Blue Bubbles"
copyright Karen Mason 2011