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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Is It?

I am a new member to the Milwaukee Art Quilters group. The group has 2 challenges each year. I joined the group after the latest challenge began and did not plan to participate.

During our last meeting the due date changed, due to the Labor Day holiday, and another new member and I decided we should participate.

The challenge was to receive an ordinary household object an use it as inspiration in a mixed media quilt.

This is the object I was sent. I had no idea what it was other than a broken spiral. I discovered that it is a mosquito coil. Knowing what it is has helped a lot with inspiration for my subject. It has been a VERY buggy summer here in Wisconsin. The shape is also nice. I purchased another coil and I have been using it as a stamp to discharge and paint my background fabric. I also like the paper it was wrapped in, the graphics are great!

So far the process has been fun. I experimented with "Cascade" gel dishwashing detergent with bleach to discharge the fabric and it worked great. I then rinsed the fabric and soaked it in soda ash to neutralize it before I washed it. Hopefully this is all I needed to do. So far so good.

Unpacked and Reorganized

Earlier this summer I thought I was going to need to move out of state. So I packed and cried and packed some more. This was a move I really did not want to make.

Things worked out and I am able to stay with the family I love, in the house that I love. I have been unpacking and reorganizing for the past two weeks. The threat of moving made me purge many things and really give my sewing room a deep clean.

I steam cleaned the carpet and added a few more shelves. I also used some UFO squares and created new quilted curtains. The old curtains were nice, but touched the floor and took up valuable space. They now hang in the family room. I like the idea of quilted curtains, similar to the ideas of hanging tapestry on castle walls to add insulation. In the winter I need all the help I can get to stay warm! I like how they brighten the room!

My fabric is now better organized, all of my current fabric is on the shelves and the batting is in a box on the top shelf and I can finally put my feet under my desk. I also fixed my $2 rummage sale chair, painted it and put new fabric on the cushion. My husband finally has a place to sit when he visits my space.

It feels so good to be reorganized, unpacked and know where everything is. It feels good to be rid of UFOs and samples I know I don't want or need. I am finally relaxed and ready to start creating again!