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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Intentions

I am a person of good intentions. I "intend" to do many things. I intend on living a healthy life. I try to exercise regularly, until I develop an injury. I try to create healthy meals for my husband, until I come home late from work and go for the easy meal from Subway. I intend on developing fun art lessons for my students, until the clay fight breaks out. I intend on being a blogger, until I convince myself I have nothing to share of value. I intend on being an art quilter until, I .....

I have way too many "Untiles".

Can I prevent most of them? Probably.

I follow many blogs. Many times blogs seem to get off track with their purpose. I really don't care about reading about cutting hay on a quilting blog, but I understand that it is still part of that person's life. I then justify by thinking "at least she is still writing".

I don't write. I don't write because for most of my life I was told I couldn't. My husband keeps telling me to write about quilting and publish it. My response is I don't write and I don't have anything new to share. My internal excuse is I don't make enough art to share. I need to have the art behind me to back up what I say.

I turned the calendar in my sewing room last Saturday to find a Gee's Bend quilt. I love the image. I am using the image to try to spark my desire to create. I have not turned on my sewing machine since the end of July, with the exception of mending my jammies. My sewing table is stacked with more mending, laundry, school samples and other assorted things that don't have a place. I need to clean my space.

I don't know why I stopped. The excuse is "real life got into the way." Making art needs to truly become part of "real life." I feel incomplete without it. I know I am happier when I make art. I work, I get tired, I take care of my home(maybe not to others standards), and I need to make art. Many people are looking for creative challenges, my challenge is "Make Time for Making My Art."

I need to do it and stop intending, no "Untiles" allowed.

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