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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Change Continues

Change continues to happen. Sometimes change can happen very fast and sometimes it takes a very long time. My husband and I got our puppy fix. We laughed and loved the three little girls that day. We also got a little teary. It felt very strange to be in such conflict. I enjoyed the puppies, young life with so much unconditional love to share, yet I still longed for my Clancy. He knew me. He understood my moods and when I needed his silent support. He was my family that was gone. We went home, the puppies were all spoken for and there would not be another litter for a few more weeks which would move any chance of receiving a puppy to mid-summer.
The house remained clean and the dog food was donated to the humane society. The dog beds were packed away and the emptiness I felt grew. I stayed in touch with Henriette, and we talked about what kind of dog would fit into our life. I wanted a family member who could also possibly work as a therapy dog. A few weeks later we visited the puppies again. This time there were only two. One of the remaining girls was going to go to Montana soon and the other to Arkansas. We wanted to play and get our final puppy fix before they left for their forever homes.
That afternoon something happened that I still don't understand, we brought a puppy home. We never expected this blessing, I am truly grateful to Henriette for entrusting us with this precious gift. Little Miss Clover has begun to help me move past my loss and open an entire new world to me. I still miss our boy, but the firsts I am experiencing with our puppy is making all of it much easier.
Little Miss Clover

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